Even in some moments he has us all convinced, that he might actually be a bit interested in her. Zondag 19.50 // “Get You the Moon” - Kina. Because maybe he should stay away, maybe there never has been anything real between him and Sander, but if that’s true, if what Jana and Britt told him was the truth, then why does this decision hurt so much? In this clip, we actually got a chance to see Robbe go to the hospital to visit his mother after she got admitted. And I do think wtFOCK success with that, and once again it just shows that we shall take more notice to the songs, that are being used in the start or in the end of a clip, since it’s usually there the good ones are hidden. Christophe Willem - L'homme En Noir De Galerij Prins Willem V blijft gesloten tot 1 september in verband met het Coronavirus. I read a lot, I try to write a lot of scripts, mostly theater, just amateurish stuff. They’re all dressed in their camouflaged one-pieces ready for battle, and that’s the exact wibe the song is providing. Suchst du nach einem Model? I love the parties, not just in season 3, but in all three seasons of wtFOCK and in my opinion they are way to underrated and usually forgotten. It might only be a few seconds that you hear, but some of the really great songs are usually hidden away there. Belgium Underground - Interview met Godfried-Willem Raes. And that’s why soundtracks to movies and tv-shows are so great, because they introduce you to a totally unknown world of music. JANA - Femke Van der Steen. Zaterdag 08.44 // “Rebel, Rebel” - David Bowie. Willem Deschryver is lid van Facebook. And I feel like, that’s the case with this song, which is one of my personal favourites. Een produktie van David Mennessier, 2019. The cast in general seems super private. Being in that situation with Sander felt real, it almost felt right, because he was finally starting to feel something more. Because in that moment Robbe felt something, that he hadn’t felt before. Sander made me fall in love with David Bowie, and I don’t think, that I’m the only one. But as he made that choice, he only made things more difficult for the both of them, something he realized later on. The tone in the melody changes as well when Robbe sends the message to Sander, it becomes a bit deeper, where the steady and constant beat has been replaced by a more melancholic and sorrow sound, which seems fitting for the situation as it emphasizes Robbe’s emotions as well. Nov 19, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Irina. And for Sander it’s about getting an answer to the question about whether or not Robbe is actually starting to feel something for him to, and if he’s really into Noor or if it’s just something he’s pretending to be? I also think that the clip showed a bit of Sander’s struggles as well. David Bowie has a long catalogue of songs, and I don’t know enough of them, to come with my take on why they chose this particular one. I am Willem. The song means a great deal to me and I think it was a shame, that wtFOCK used it in a scene, where it didn’t have a prober chance to shine. But I do think that the main reason why wtFOCK chose this song was because of the beat, since it provided the right feeling to the clip. He lets out a breath while he’s trying to process everything that just happened. Some people don’t like the clips with the dancing, drinking and smoking. David Bowie didn’t just play a huge role in this clip or in season 3, but also during wtFOCKDOWN and in the hiatus before it. There’s a strong bond between Robbe and his mama, and maybe it’s even stronger now that his father is no longer in the picture. Close • Posted by 6 minutes ago. And that just shows the importance of him and his songs, and this one is definitely no exception. Een uitstekende gelegenheid voor een kort en snedig interview: 10 vaste vragen over verwachtingen, verlangens, herinneringen en voorspellingen. None of them have an easy relationship with their parents, so it was nice to see them choose each other as their family. What would Woensdag 21.21 and Maandag 11.03 be without Wildfire? the way robbe and sander just kept looking at each other in zondag 16.34. robbe feeling intrigued by sander, wanting to get to know him, asking questions about him, giving away a little smile when noor told something about him. When Sander heard Bowie playing in the background, he knew we has right. SANDER - Willem De Schryver. And to have Robbe look at him with wonder, while he was talking about Bowie, must have made the moment even more special. When I woke up that day, I had no idea, that Robbe would meet Sander, or that they would spend the morning together, going shopping, like it was the most normal thing to do, when you just meet someone new. Christophe Willem - L'homme En Noir De Galerij Prins Willem V blijft gesloten tot 1 september in verband met het Coronavirus. He is an actor, known for wtFOCK (2018), Fictional Characters (2018) and Childhood Freedom (2019). For me episode 3 was very unexpected, so whenever a clip came out, I never knew what to except. Watching that first hang-out between Robbe and Sander felt so exciting, just like the song does, and I can’t help but get a huge smile on my face whenever I listen to it. I wish that wtFOCK would have given us one clip with Robbe and his mama. Join Facebook to connect with Willem Herbots and others you may know. Enjoy! Check the model profile of Willem De Schryver from Belgium. REGIE - Bente Peeters. He’s lying to himself, to everyone, and while doing that, he’s hiding what he truly feels by pretending to be interested in Noor, because he does that all night. Robbe is nothing but calm, he doesn’t look peaceful, since the only thing on his mind is Sander and how he can help him, but Jana and Britt’s words has captured his thoughts and in those moments it seemed like Robbe was conflicted between what his heart was telling him to do, and what his mind tried to convince him to do. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. wtfock to wtfam: robbe and sander picture wie? Charles du Bus de Warnaffe (Katholieke Partij) 1936 - 1937: August de Schryver (Katholieke Partij) 1937 - 1938: Octave Dierckx (liberaal) 1938 - 1939: Joseph Merlot 1939: Willem Eekelers 1939 - 1940: Albert Devèze (liberaal) 1940 - 1943: Arthur Vanderpoorten (liberaal) 1943 - 1944: August de Schryver (Katholieke Partij) 1944 - 1945: Edmond Ronse CHEF ELEKTRO - Diego … farrfromthere liked this . Willem van der Zwaan ist bei Facebook. Willem De Schryver. This part always gets to me, because every aspect of this clip seems to be in perfect harmony with each other (both the melody, the lyrics and Robbe’s emotions) as they create the right atmosphere to this moment. The lyrics are not that long, the text above is just one of the paragraphs that keeps playing over and over again, while an instrumental part can be heard in between. For wtFOCK to do daily clips was truly a blessing, especially when they dropped more than one clip on the same day. In the background, as Robbe gathers the courage to write his last words to Sander, you can hear the lyrics below, and somehow, they make the moment even more difficult to watch, as the lyrics almost seems like a goodbye. Jens and Moyo is at the front waving the red and blue flag as the rest of the group is following them - Noor and Robbe arms in arms, Sander with his arm over Britt’s shoulder. lovingelse liked this . Maybe Robbe thought that his first message would be clear enough for Sander, that it would make him understand that it was over between them, cause when Sander asks, “with what”, you can see how difficult it is for Robbe to answer that, because when he tells Sander why it’s over between them, everything is going to feel more real, everything is going to hurt so much more, as the pain in his body is going to stay even longer. i miss seeing robbe’s smile, i miss hearing his laugh and voice, i just really miss robbe. 40.5k Followers, 476 Following, 106 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Willem Herbots (@herbotswillem) Maybe Robbe felt like he didn’t have any other choice than to stand by his decision, like he had to accept the fact that things was over between him and Sander, that it was all for the best, and the only way for him to help Sander. For example, how he’s trying to navigate between his relationship with Britt and his feelings for Robbe, which are getting stronger and stronger for each day. Sander is singing along and just before David Bowie sings the last line of the paragraph above, the camera goes into slow-motion as it focuses on Robbe. The silence of the room that only gets broken by the music, how the song is there to intensify every single emotion, the phenomenal acting from Willem Herbots, that never leaves you in doubt about Robbe’s feeling and of course the brilliant writing of the texts between Robbe and Sander, how big of an impact those few words have on you. During all three seasons, wtFOCK has often used music to connect different scenes together, for example when a song is featured in two clips following each other. With this clip I felt a connection to Robbe, as I watched him wandering around his room, trying to figure out what the right thing to do was, but I also felt connected to him emotionally, as I was with him every step of the way, because his feelings were right at the surface, ready to show themselves even more. Aside of that, I keep myself busy with scouts, I lead there. 95 notes. Zaterdag 23.11 // “Fall” - The Bug feat. The melody, the lyrics and the perfect match between them, is what makes the songs memorable. REGIE - Bente Peeters. May 30, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by yoso. Cookies help us deliver our Services. How did you start acting? The singing voice has also changed from a deep, dark and hoarse voice to one that seems more soothing, more caring, which is something Robbe could use in that moment, care and properly also a very big hug. Role / Character Name Sander; Photo Added By deansalvatore; Photo Added 2019-11-01 17:32:13; About. Open in app; For two weeks now, we have seen up close how Robbe has been pretending to be someone else, how he has been supressing his feelings for so long, even before he met Noor at that party. David Bowie, Donderdag 21.12 // “Trick R Treat” - Josh A. At parties, people let go of themselves, they lose who they are in the moment, while they’re dancing and having fun. When wtFOCK dropped the clip, it became clear to me, that Robbe’s relationship with his mother was going to be very different from what we had seen in SKAM and in the other remakes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; thekeeperofthedragons liked this . The cast in general seems super private. I know Robbe is the child in their relationship, the roles should be reverse, his mama should be the one to take care of him, but during this period Robbe understood that it wasn’t an option, so he did what he could in the situation. But you can’t deny how much it adds to the scene, especially in terms of rhythm. 59.4k Followers, 1,086 Following, 29 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Willem De Schryver (@willem_deschryver) I don’t just get that feeling from watching the scenes, but also from listening to the songs, because the ones, that wtFOCK uses, is so good at creating the right feelings. I can picture almost every song from Cigarettes After Sex in season 3, especially in the scenes between Robbe and Sander, but also in some of the moments, where we see Robbe alone. In that moment, after sending that text to Sander, I think Robbe regretted it, regretted the choice he had made, but those thoughts got quickly replaced by a voice saying that he done the right thing. Media Marketing (MM) est éditeur de supports (site, newsletters, magazines, moteurs de recherche) consacré au secteur du marketing, de la publicité et des médias en Belgique. Discover more posts about willem-de-schryver. His unsteady breathing blends with the melody, and his eyes are so full of emotions, even though he’s trying so hard not to get affected by the situation, but when Sander answers him, he lets out a breath he didn’t knew he was holding, trying not to break down. 2007: Pool Dance voice, e-violin, dance, casta (in collaboration with Marian De Schryver & Kristof Lauwers) 2006: Kerstwolk (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers) 2006: 36 views on the stupa (in collaboration with Godfried-Willem Raes, Marian De Schryver & Kristof Lauwers) 2006: Falling fish borisvolod liked this . Aside of that, I keep myself busy with scouts, I lead there. How Robbe navigated in a relationship with Noor, a relationship he didn’t felt comfortable in, but a relationship he was trying to figure out how to work, because he was afraid of what would happen, if he let himself feel what he was actually feeling. De zorg voor haar gezin wil ze toevertrouwen aan haar zus, die daar zelf niet zo gediend mee is. It’s a nice transition in a way, and I’m glad that wtFOCK chose to give us an insight to why and how Robbe moved into the flat share in the first place. There is need for greater synergy between practice needs and educational provision, with the education system showing awareness of and responding appropriately to current and future population needs. Willem Herbots (20) speelt de 16-jarige Robbe IJzerman in ‘wtFOCK‘.Seizoen 3 draait rond hem, zijn ontluikende homoseksualiteit, zijn romance met Sander Driesen (een geblondeerde Willem De Schryver) en mentaal welzijn.Herbots gaf een uiterst zeldzaam interview aan Femke Lippens van de Thomas More Hogeschool die met Janne Schellingen de blog #Triggered opzette. I am 18 years old, I study drama here at KASK in Ghent. See other portfolios and book models on modelmanagement.com. Episode 6 - Het ging allemaal focking snel. Robbe finally sits down on his bed, showing us that he has made a choice, that he’s ready to do something about him and Sander’s relationship, as he immediately opens his conversation with him. Should he just do nothing, should he just not help Sander at all like Jana had suggested, or should Robbe contact Sander and tell him that he’ll always be there for him, that he’s never letting him go? Episode 1 - Gij zou u niet laten pijpen door haar?